Outlaw Nitro Funny Cars are all about entertainment.

When you come to an Outlaw Nitro Funny Car show, these amazing fire-breathing cars will race side-by-side. But that’s just that start! There’s a massive amount plenty of entertainment in between.


From the best Outlaw Nitro Drag Racing Cars in the country to the monster truck rides, giveaways, stunt shows and much more – Outlaw Nitro Funny Cars are the new stars of Australian drag racing.


So strap yourself in and enjoy the show!



Weight: 2250lbs with driver

Engine: Any big block style using aluminium block and heads with16 push rods and valves (no overhead cams) up to 500 cu.in.

Ignition: Any single magneto, coil & retard system allowed.

Fuel System: Up to 34 gallon pump eg.- Waterman 'mini bertha' with1.5” gear. up to 26 nozzles allowed eg. -10 in hat and 16 inch manifold, no down nozzles.


Supercharger:  Any 6-71 standard helix, set back allowed (not to extend past front of the engine plate) any overdrive up to 50%.

Clutch: Up to 4 discs allowed, maximum number of clutch levers is 6, lock up clutches prohibited.


Rear End:  Gear ratio limited to 3.50 or numerically higher eg.- 3.90 etc., full floating assembly mandatory.


Transmission:  Planetary type design (Lenco or B&J) 2-speed only, automatic transmissions and convertors prohibited.


Brakes: 4 wheel discs, carbon on rear mandatory.


Tyres: Race only spec on front, 34.5 x 17 slicks on rear.


Wheels: Front must be billet or spun aluminium, rear bead lock only, cast wheels prohibited.


Body: Limited to one piece automotive sedan/coupe style capped no later than 2002.


All vehicles must comply to the regulations (ANDRA or otherwise) enforced by the venues at which they compete. A full list of the rules can be found in the ANDRA Rulebook.

The Aeroflow Outlaw Nitro Funny Car Series is always looking for motivated people – including race teams!

If you would like to buy a car, we have a number for sale. For a full listing of available cars and parts for sale, email MoriceM@rocketind.com
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